Our Services

A Quiet Serenity offers a variety of traditional and holistic approaches to mental health counseling.

  • Traditional Talk Therapy

    Together we identify underlying issues that may be leading to patterns of behavior that you would like to resolve. I empower my clients to identify new or improved coping skills, while also acting as a sounding board for experiences they have had.

  • Hypnotherapy

    Clients typically have an identified goal in mind (examples include smoking cessation, anxiety management…etc.) together we co-create specific suggestions to be used while they are relaxed and receptive to ideas of change and self-improvement.

  • Reiki

    A personalized energy medicine. This is a hands-on technique to balance and align energy centers (chakras).

  • Personalized Raindrop Technique

    The use of essential oils along the spine to boost the immune system and create a sense of peace and relaxation. Often, I combine this with other energy techniques for a more personalized approach to meet my client’s emotional needs.

More than just a traditional therapist

Guided Meditations

I create a personalized meditation to guide my clients into a relaxed quiet state, while visualizing the changes or goals that have been discussed.

Aroma Therapy

Essential oils are used to help clients relax and release blocks that may be present.

Chakra Alignment

Energy medicine is used to release stagnant energy or blocks, and to enhance positive energy and mood.

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