• August 29th, 2016
    Written by: Sarene Wallick

    My office smells amazing!  Seriously, everyone says so when they step inside! “Wow it smells great in here,” or “I couldn’t wait to smell you again.”  And they are not kidding.  My clients take big deep inhales as soon as they step inside sucking up the beautiful calming scent of lavender, lemon, peppermint, palo santo or whatever else I may be diffusing that day.  I also hear comments of feeling calmer and at peace “give me a moment (deep inhale) ahhh ok I am ready to get started now.”

    This is the magic of aromatherapy.   As I diffuse different scents not only am I enjoying the beauty of the scent but I am also absorbing the tiny particles released into the air.  It is calming, it is peaceful, and it sets a mood.
    I didn’t always know this.  In fact when I began using essential oils it was more for their medicinal qualities..  Lavender on a bug bite, peppermint for stomach aches things like this.  Over time though I began reading more and more (yep super nerdy that way) and I came across studies where citrus oils were diffused in dentist’s offices to decrease nervousness, and even in veterinary offices to calm scared animals.  Honestly, these examples only scrape the bare surface of the many many uses that are out there.

    If you are interested in more research regarding essential oils and their impact on mood check out this website:  it is packed with very interesting studies and information, or contact me for a consultation and a “sniff.”

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